Games-Attack 1.0

Games-Attack is a collection of flash-based games of different categories
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Games-Attack is a program developed by Favorit Network. This program is basically a collection of flash-based games of different categories. You will be able to enjoy games of different kinds and levels of difficulties. The program has a laptop-like interface that is quite easy-to-use, although somewhat clumsy. You will have the option to play the games within this laptop interface or switch to full-screen mode.

This collection of games is designed to satisfy players with different tastes. Sport, kids, girls, Arcade, Action and Brain games - these are the categories of games included in this program. You can enjoy more than one hundred wonderful games of these categories. Examples of the games included are: Urban Jump, Easter Island, Shield me, Event Horizon, Red-Eyed Wonder, Water sports, Playball, Break It Down, and there are tons of others. Most of the games included in this program are unique and cannot be found in any other program or on other websites. One of the notable advantages of this program is that its interface can be displayed in five languages, which makes it suitable for many users. So go on, download the program and start enjoying your games.

Marian Zaky
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  • Includes more than 100 games


  • The interface is somewhat cluttered
  • Some games are pure clones of each other, save for different background pictures
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